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TV Rao

Professional management is at least fifty years old in this country. It began in a systematic way in the early sixties with the setting up of the IIMs. Management is one field where a lot of theory is built upon experiences. We have learnt from successful business leaders and managers about the qualities that made them successful and created a theory using these case studies. This is what gets taught in management schools to make young mangers more effective and successful. When I was approached by IIMA to write this book for its golden jubilee year I felt there couldn't be a better opportunity than this to distil my teaching and consulting experience and communicate it to readers. In my experience I have discovered that managers can be classified into two categories: Those who make a difference and those who don't. Great managers try to make a difference. Our effort is to make every manager great either through formal or informal education. This book therefore is an attempt to highlight the qualities and competencies of managers who make a difference and also provide an opportunity for the readers to examine themselves. My aim for this book is to combine both theory and practice and make it available to the readers in simple form that they can use.

For more information on his research interests, visit this page.
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