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The IIMA Business Book series is the publishing program of the country’s top business school. The books are written by the faculty of IIMA using their research, experience and teachings in the classroom. The series aims to explain key business and management concepts to a general audience clearly and accessibly, using Indian examples, case studies and contexts.

Book Business and Intellectual Property
Business and Intellectual Property reflects on the future of Intellectual Property (IP) in the age of new media and shows how—in a rapidly changing business field— managers and decision makers need to be more perceptive, agile, and vigilant than ever before. read more
Book Managers Who Make a Difference
What qualities do you need to be a successful manager, and how can you develop the qualities you already possess? read more
Book Strategies for Growth
Every organization — small or large, managed professionally or by a family — wants to grow. Strategies for Growth explains the different expansion strategies companies adopt, and the management and marketing challenges they face along the way. read more
Book The Persuasive Manager
If you are a manager, you have to get your colleagues, associates, clients and even the public to do the things you want them to. Without it you cannot climb the corporate ladder. read more
Book Being Ethical
Business ethics from the IIMA books series read more
Book Day to Day Economics
From the IIMA business books series comes a rookie’s guide to the Indian economy read more
Book The IIMA Story
The definitive and authoritative biography of IIMA read more
Book Strategies for the Future : Understanding International Business
From the acclaimed IIMA Business Book series comes a comprehensive book on international business read more
Book Leading from the Top : Directors Who Make the Difference
From the IIMA series comes a comprehensive book on corporate governance read more
Book Why I am Paying More : Price Theory and Market Structures Made Simple
From the author of Day to Day Economics comes a comprehensive book on pricing and market structures read more
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